Sunday, September 14, 2008


so much change

every day

stretching our wings


Monday, September 8, 2008

the kickoff

our kids started at a local montessori school this year. we are ecstatic so far, and have only the highest hopes for their continued adjustment and happiness. both phil and i are "sporty" types under our somewhat crunchy facade (he more so than i, but i was quite the all-out athlete in school where he still needs his weekly hockey fix). despite our excitement at the new environment for the kids, i could almost see phil throw up in his mouth a little bit when they told us they did not have a phys-ed program or a sports program. so, being the forward-thinkin' mama i am, i volunteered us (suckers) to start a soccer program 2x a week after school.
why do i think i'm qualified to do this? what makes me think i can come up with anything fun or motivating for these children to do? why am i stretching myself so thin always? what the hell am i doing blogging when i have 20 minutes before i have to leave for our first practice?
like i said...