Wednesday, January 21, 2009

when i grow up

classroom conversation from yesterday:
teacher's assistant: connor, what does your mom do?
connor: she makes stuff. (insert toothless grin here)

how can it be that it is in simple moments like these we realize our dreams really have come to fruition? i've been spending so much time trying to get somewhere only to realize... i've beat myself up the mountain.
i do make stuff. that is so freakin' cool.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

drumroll, please.

due to no miracle like me getting off my ass and keeping promises, here are some pics of the shop. they are courtesy of a lovely, charming and oh-sooooo-talented local photographer, erin wallace. you can see her beautiful work here: check it out!
and now, without further ado... the pictures of the shop i've been talking about! see kids, your mom always told you not to procrastinate, but there's a lesson here. put it off long enough, and eventually a talented local professional will come around and do the dirty work for you. huh?
there it is, and more coming every day... i can't express my gratitude in words that would justify to all these talented artisans what their faith and spirit means to us!

Friday, January 2, 2009

coming undone and redone

i ahve been sufferring through a devil of a sinus infection. was'nt that mature-sounding? a "devil of a sinus infection"? too much time with gram over the holidays... so i've been m.i.a. and whining. a lot. it's on the up and up and it seems whenever i get sick and have to stay down (a.k.a my husband has duct taped me to the couch)i have to rearrange something, some room, to assert my newfound strength. last virus had the kitchen/living area looking mighty spiffy, this time it was a badly needed redo of the shop space. we were lucky enough that linens n'things was going out of business nearby("nearby"in maine-speak?40 minutes, 3 toddlers, the lion king soundtrck and cheddar bunnies aplenty)and kim and i scored a crapton of retail shelving for the shop. we thought we had a pretty good setup initially, but the crafter grand total thus far hovers in the 30's, and our cath-as-catch-can display tactic were'nt working. today we got up slatwall and some cool retail display units. gap style. pics to follow tomorrow, but check out the site... it's getting better, too!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

shots from the shop...

and some gingerbread cookie makin'...
and a little one who turned two...
how can life move so fast?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

this is sooooo important!
read it and act on it! moms like me depend on the things we create in an effort to improve the quality of our kid's lives and fulfill our creative side. some even (gasp)depend on our handcrafts for a living...
i'm all for more strict safety laws on mass-produced goods, but for those of us sewing lovely little cotton apron dresses and felted teddies? not so much.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

like a day without sunshine...

my camera has fully s*** the bed, y'all. but never fear, along came my hubby and posed an even greater dilemma... my new camera. it's big, it's purty, i know it was wicked expensive, and frankly folks, i want my crappy camera back. i swear, i won't complain that i have to listen to that beep while it tells me my "card cover is open", because in my heart, i'll know its really not. i won't moan about carpal tunnel syndrome induced by having to hold the usb plug in place while i upload 700 photos. i will embrace the fact that using a flash outdoors in broad daylight could be fun. work with me, this monster scares the bajeepers outta me. but i digress... i simply meant to post and apologize for the lack of pics lately and to tell you that business has been great. people have been soooo supportive! a woman came today from the local paper to photograph us, too! guess what? she had a nikon d60. guess what else? that's the camera i have now. does that make me a professional? expect pics soon! also- a big thanks to pinecone and chickadee of portland for sending a huge hunk o' unbelievable clothing and paper goods, no questions asked! we love 'em!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

absentee blogger

i have been undoubtedly m.i.a. i'm not gonna kid myself and say that the world has been worse for the wear without me to bitch about my kids, life, business, etc. so much has changed so quickly around here that sometimes i can't seem to wrap my feeble sleep-deprived brain around it. really, i confess, it's a pipe-dream manifested. for as long as i can remember my drive to create and share my creations has been a force to be reckoned with. there are days where i can hardly function for the NEED to create what is swimming in my head is so urgent (ocd, anyone?). there's a beauty and a cross to bear and finding that balance, as with everything, has been my challenge.
and then this karmic little shop space came to pass... and i could'nt say "no". luckily, my dear friend, kim, could'nt either. so off we go, on a brand new and crazy adventure. i am excited, exhausted, scared and anxious. i do, though, know in my heart it was meant to be. our response has been soooo positive in this community and in the extended etsy community that i feel we will just grow and grow.
i'm taking over the world, y'all. starting with this:

it's gonna be great. check it out!