Wednesday, October 8, 2008

fall in the air (aka "why are my kids so sick?")

the school year is here, we've finally transitioned into the "montessori way", and the leaves have turned and begun their descent groundward(i know i made that word up, it even looks funny). last season we had the occaisonal cold and a few bouts of tummy upset, but NOTHING like the crud that has crept around thus far. my kids have been "under the weather" literally since school started. i've hit a wall with this. my breaking point? yeah, it's here, it's now, and oooohwee is it gonna get UGLY.
i can come down fairly hard on myself in the parenting department. ever since i decided i wanted to stay home with my kids i have viewed it as my "job" and come at it whole-hog...surprised?
health, hygeine and happiness are my mission (impossible)on the homefront. these bouts of rundown, chronic crap are my nemesis. my kids don't eat crap, they get to bed early, get excercise and fresh air, and take multi-vitamins, fish oil, and vitamin d DAILY. where have i gone wrong? hopefully, new school, new kids, new germs is the culprit, not some horrible oversight in the mothering department.
this too shall pass.
if not, and this blog lapses longer than two weeks time, please come pull me out of the corner.
that said, we did get out briefly for some lover-ly maine fall leaf frolicking.

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