Tuesday, December 9, 2008

like a day without sunshine...

my camera has fully s*** the bed, y'all. but never fear, along came my hubby and posed an even greater dilemma... my new camera. it's big, it's purty, i know it was wicked expensive, and frankly folks, i want my crappy camera back. i swear, i won't complain that i have to listen to that beep while it tells me my "card cover is open", because in my heart, i'll know its really not. i won't moan about carpal tunnel syndrome induced by having to hold the usb plug in place while i upload 700 photos. i will embrace the fact that using a flash outdoors in broad daylight could be fun. work with me, this monster scares the bajeepers outta me. but i digress... i simply meant to post and apologize for the lack of pics lately and to tell you that business has been great. people have been soooo supportive! a woman came today from the local paper to photograph us, too! guess what? she had a nikon d60. guess what else? that's the camera i have now. does that make me a professional? expect pics soon! also- a big thanks to pinecone and chickadee of portland for sending a huge hunk o' unbelievable clothing and paper goods, no questions asked! we love 'em!

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