Friday, January 2, 2009

coming undone and redone

i ahve been sufferring through a devil of a sinus infection. was'nt that mature-sounding? a "devil of a sinus infection"? too much time with gram over the holidays... so i've been m.i.a. and whining. a lot. it's on the up and up and it seems whenever i get sick and have to stay down (a.k.a my husband has duct taped me to the couch)i have to rearrange something, some room, to assert my newfound strength. last virus had the kitchen/living area looking mighty spiffy, this time it was a badly needed redo of the shop space. we were lucky enough that linens n'things was going out of business nearby("nearby"in maine-speak?40 minutes, 3 toddlers, the lion king soundtrck and cheddar bunnies aplenty)and kim and i scored a crapton of retail shelving for the shop. we thought we had a pretty good setup initially, but the crafter grand total thus far hovers in the 30's, and our cath-as-catch-can display tactic were'nt working. today we got up slatwall and some cool retail display units. gap style. pics to follow tomorrow, but check out the site... it's getting better, too!

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AlewivesGirl said...

Hey Liza!!!

Holla about the rearranging/cleaning jag. You gotta love it. I myself just spent yesterday in a day-off induced Tree Taking Down, Mama Mia Watching, Rearranging and Vacuuming BLISS!!!