Tuesday, January 13, 2009

drumroll, please.

due to no miracle like me getting off my ass and keeping promises, here are some pics of the shop. they are courtesy of a lovely, charming and oh-sooooo-talented local photographer, erin wallace. you can see her beautiful work here:http://ewallacephotography.com/. check it out!
and now, without further ado... the pictures of the shop i've been talking about! see kids, your mom always told you not to procrastinate, but there's a lesson here. put it off long enough, and eventually a talented local professional will come around and do the dirty work for you. huh?
there it is, and more coming every day... i can't express my gratitude in words that would justify to all these talented artisans what their faith and spirit means to us!

1 comment:

AlewivesGirl said...

Erin's photos look great!

Almost as great as being at the shop in person...