Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a break...

more like a sabatical, but it was much-needed and very fruitful! i have always been a writer and used that talent to manage stress in my life and as a therapy of sorts, but this chapter in my life has been so different from anything i've known before. none of the "old rules" have applied. i truloy feel as if i walked through a very thick fog, stumbling, some days tripping and hurting, cursing (for sure) and having to use all my senses and inner something to finally come out on the other side. and the other side, my friends, has proved to be very sunny indeed. clouds still pass, surely, but the sun shines brightly here these days. my husband and i have begun to reconcile in new and beautiful ways, growing as people and a couple in ways i never knew were possible. the pain and process were a small sacrifice for this new and promising future.

i have learned so very much in this growing and changing period. i am soooo thankful for all the kindness of others and the wisdom my dear friends have shared. i am grateful for my children, who have certainly not been left unscathed and have trooped along the path to HERE. i am so grateful for love and family and creativity that comes with angst and uncertainty(is'nt it always the way? the shittier i feel, the more i get done). i am thankful for inner strength and letting go... it is so hard. who's to say tomorrow will be great? nobody can for sure. i do know now, though, that love truly may conquer all.

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