Tuesday, March 11, 2008

boys will be boys

we have a unique family. my 9-yr.-old stepson taylor has called me "mom" since around 18 mos., and my daughter, age 10, has called my husband "dad" just as long. after blending our families as single parents i became a stay-home mom to the 2 oldest. it was a bit like having twins, as they are only 7 mos. apart. raising my stepson has been challenging to say the least. he has many physical and emotional issues that keep presenting and changing. my life as his mother has been challenging yet the gifts he has given me are priceless. he is slowly growing into his own, and although the challenges are still (always) there, he is becoming more of his own person. his team of specialists are exploring (at my insistence) the possibility of "asperger's syndrome", which is a very high-functioning form of autism. i have been told that i have a very sarcastic and sometimes dark sense of humor, and when he goes off on a monologue about one of his favorite subjects (he's like and encyclopedia) his serious delivery just about kills me.

connor came along when taylor was about 3 1/2, and he is everything taylor finds disturbing in this world. he lives life like he's in a mosh pit at a rock show, the more noise and chaos the better (i know i've mentioned his red hair and freckles). connor makes up songs and rhymes and talks goofy nonsense nonstop. he'd rather be hammering something together than quietly reading, like taylor.

they just don't get each other.

it's hard as a parent to find that happy medium when you have kids that are different in age and personality type. it is almost impossible to find common ground between the two, which can be heartbreaking as a mom. i have to let this go and let them be themselves. i tell myself that there are many different personalities out there, and they're each going to have to find a way to deal with that.

but there is a strange freezing/thawing phenomenon that takes place a few times a winter on a large area on our acreage. it creates an ice arena just perfect for kids with no water underneath for mom to fret over (ocd,ocd,ocd). when the planets align we get this:

and this:

and loads of this:

and maybe, just maybe, if the spirit moves them...


ah, the mysteries of brotherhood revealed. one part red hair and freckles, one part pint-sized genius, add sun, ice and skates and mix well. enjoy!

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