Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the lighter side of things... literally

thanks for the nice comments yesterday, i really appreciated those. after that somewhat heavy post, i thought that i'd lighten things up a bit...

i found and refinished a darling 4' clawfoot tub when we first purchased our house 4 years ago, it had always been a dream of mine to have one and this small-scale guy fit perfectly into our first-floor bathroom. unfortunately, the bathroom needed a lot of work but my husband (the carpenter, who i must defer to in these matters) refused to redo the bathroom until the kitchen remodel was accomplished. this past summer i finally got my kitchen (which i love, love, love) and we moved on to the bathroom that got new walls, new vanity, new sink, new shower, new toilet, new shelving, you get it, right? right. NO NEW PLUMBING. i have been asking for this tub to be plumbed in for every birthday, anniversary and holiday for the past four years and up until my husband( who is wary of me at best lately) finally broke last week and called a plumber for an appraisal, i honestly felt that i would have lived in the kitchen as it was and made do with the bathroom the way it was just to have that freaking tub. so i'll bet you think this is a story about my sweet little tub and how they plumbed her right in and we lived in happily-ever -after clawfooted bliss? you would be wrong, but thanks for the nice thoughts. the plumbing is still not installed, but will did have the plumber come to give us an estimate.

and that, my friends, is not called "plumber's butt" for nothing. my kids nearly died when i took these pictures, but how could i not?
one antique clawfoot tub: $55, one contractor estimate :$25, tilting the camera at a precarious angle while your estranged husband makes throat-slitting motions all in the name of getting a good shot of a real plumber crack? PRICELESS.