Sunday, March 23, 2008

spring my ass

we had a teaser last week. you know, one of those days plopped smack in the middle of a cold spell where the wind is'nt raw, the birds sing, the sun shines and you can smell the ground? i was slap-happy. i cleaned out the chicken coop, picked up the yard (don't you love when the snow melts and all the toys/ things that have been left outdoors over the winter begin to emerge and your house begins to like like a lot in a trailer park?) and HUNG OUT MY SHEETS. capital letters= important. line-dried anything is my idea of a good time, line-dried sheets are next in line to sleeping late, breakfast in bed, having a housekeeper, a shopping spree at the fabric store, etc., and since the listed are obviously not happening anytime in this lifetime, i get pretty psyched up for the line-dried sheets.

no sooner was the bedding flapping in the wind and the last of the trashiness being, well, trashed, than mr.wind kicked up followed by his friends mrs. sleet and mr. dark/ominous-looking sky. i called the kiddos and we ran for the cover of the cozy kitchen and some bread i had made, thoughts of spring vanished as we resolved ourselves to the bitter chill and fickle spring that is maine in march and april.

but yesterday there was this...

despite the whipping wind and brutal temps, a small speck of bright hope. he even felt it was alright to bring his lady-friend along. how nice.

happy,freakin' spring (wherever she may be)!

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