Monday, March 10, 2008


i'm an avid blog reader. i have my favorites, i rarely leave comments. a "lurker" if you will. anyone scared? don't be. the thought of having a blog to call my own scares the crap out of me. what if i don't post daily? what if people think i'm boring? what if i post something stupid and can't take it back and everyone hates me? being that i'm bursting with self-confidence, i think today's the day. bear with me folks, if the lack of capitalization has'nt clued you into my lack of time and energy, my posting just might.

some stuff about me:

i have 4 kids (yes,4)

i have 2 kids named "taylor", my adopted son and my daughter(my daughter goes by "tilly")

my 6-yr-old has bright red hair and freckles (none of us do)

my 15-month-old says "shit" sometimes (i did'nt do it, i swear)

i make children's clothing and other stuff

i just started selling on etsy... (shameless plug:

i have ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) no really, you'll see

i have ocd

i have ocd

i have ocd

those of us who have it can do things like that, the rest of ya better just be quiet while i finish washing my hands, mopping the floor, bleaching the toilet, giving the cat a bath(you get the picture)

i'm scared of being alone at night. not stranger/ robber scared, like boogeyman scared. i still leap off the bed to go to the bathroom at night

oh come on, you know you don't want it grabbing your feet either....

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sUsAn said...

Welcome to blogland! I have four kiddos too! And get this...I have a cat named Taylor! ;)