Tuesday, March 18, 2008


connor (my 6yr old) loves animals. when he was 3 we purchased chicks from a hatchery. 20 chicks. connor would go outside to the coop, fold 5 or so into his shirt and come inside and snuggle them on the couch. when connor was 4 he invited the goats inside the house. he could'nt get them to snuggle, but they did like the taste of the couch. when connor was 4 we had bunnies. you can guess what he did. he is my little dr.doolittle and i love his kind spirit and love of animals and fascination with nature. no matter how wild or fresh a child is, i feel that when they posess a tru love of animals they have a true and kind soul. connor's absolute favorite animals are cats, though. i'm not sure what the fascination with the "snuggle"is, but it has never lost it's magic for connor. he loves the fact that you can take a cat to bed with you. it blows him away. we have a few older cats that like to be out at night or are'nt much for snuggling, and being that connor is the king of the slow and excrutiating emotional break-down, our lives for the past year went something like this:
connor: "mommy?"


connor: "where are you going?"

me: "to the----(store, post office,etc.)"

connor: "oh, i thought you were going to get me my cat."


or like this:

connor: "mommy?"

me: "yes?"

connor: "what's in that bag?"

me: "it's just a bag of (trash, groceries, mail, etc)"

connor: "oh, i thought it was my cat."

connor turned 6 this january.

he got




and he was right. you aint never had a snuggle 'till you've snuggled puff (the magic dragon, of course).

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Roxy Jewelry and Giggling Gnome said...

I'm with Connor on this one...I'd snuggle a goat if I could. :D