Sunday, March 16, 2008

tah dah...

i have been making custom items for a local diaper shop ( over the past 8 months or so and absolutely having a blast doing it. the women at the shop are soooo supportive of local moms and most importantly, they feed my ego. what? you know you love a good pat on the back, too.

recently, the owner came up with the idea to do some boy and girl items with a lobster theme (maine, summer, tourists, you get the gist). i have to admit, being quite the "un-themey" gal, i was hesitant. the last thing i wanted to do for her or for me was to create something "touristy" or cheesy. after drafting a few designs and using a pattern that i got at goodwill for $0.29 and tweaked, we came up w/ these...

for the lassies:

linen exterior/ cotton interior


and for the laddies:

linen exterior/ cotton interior


what do you think? i made 12 in total and am really happy w/ the finished product. the pants are fully reversible and i devised a little loop closure for the cuff to hold 'em up. the appliques all vary, too and i made the smocks double-button adjustable so that they have even more growing room.

i've been making these smocks for olive since she was a wee one (because now she's all grown up at 15 months) and i love them because in the summer w/ cloth diaper or bloomers they are a great shortie dress and in the colder months they are a great smock dress over shirt and pants. my daughter loved them so i made one for her, she's 10 and also for some other older kiddos ages 2 and 3.

whew! now on to the next project...

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Ravenhill said...

How lovely to "meet" someone else from Midcoast Maine! My parents live in Waldoboro. Where are you located? I just get to visit now as I live in Norway. Your clothes are adorable! Thanks for your kind words and for visiting me today. I hope to get better at sewing children's clothes too, but for now I can enjoy looking at yours!